Behind the scenes: making of, interviews and co.

Dictators' tricks

Happy World: an interactive map of the Burmese opposition in the world

map Chapter XIV


Happy World presents: Naypyidaw Parano, an infographics about the new capital

A Burmese dissident discusses the new capital

The opinion of a Burmese dissident about the highway connecting Rangoon to Naypyidaw

Forgotten Rangoon

map Chapter XIII

Lost in la junta

Drugs, greed and love of power

map Chapter XII

Power Junkies

A Burmese dissident criticizes the forced culture of Kyet Suu

map Chapter XI

Green Propaganda

Happy World presents: The Burma connection: an Internet too civilized

Cybercensorship and eRepression

map Chapter X

Access Denied

A Burmese dissident describes how they see the press

Happy World presents: browse the official newspaper

Press, censorship and propaganda

map Chapter IX

The Burmese Pravda

Break free TV

Happy World presents: 1 hour of Burmese TV

map Chapter VIII

Valium TV

A Burmese dissident talks about the township committees

Sleepover permission request

Korean TV series are used to sedate the Burmese people, explains a dissident

Youth is dangerous

A Burmese dissident explains why the junta feels so threatened by students

map Chapter VII


A Burmese dissident describes the amazing belief of the junta in the number 9

Governing by the planets

map Chapter VI

Lucky Number

A Sim Card over a house

A Burmese dissident tells the unbelievable price of Sim cards in her country

map Chapter V

Golden Simcard

Economy and immaculate currency

A burmese dissident explains why people in Burma wash their money

map Chapter IV

Flawless Dollar

A Burmese dissident explains the gasoline business between state and private gas-stations

Total + Burma = unleaded love

map Chapter III

Super Restricted

A Burmese dissident talks about the danger of the traffic paradox in her country

map Chapter II

Trafic Nightmare

A Burmese dissident recalls the shock of learning the name of her country had been changed

No change, but a facelift

map Chapter I


Burma politics for dummies

Burmese economics 101

History repeating