Le is the most prominent news site of the french speaking press. Resolutely dedicated to innovation and quality journalism, gets an average of 2 million hits a day. it also produces and broadcasts webdocumentaries since 2008

This french weekly newsmagazine offers a daily insight on foreign news via articles, press cartoons, columns... The editors browse every day through over 900 different sources from the world press, select the best articles and translate them. All those contents are available for free.

Edited by 22Mars SAS (, Owni is a specialist in datajournalism, and practices augmented journalism through the skills of its developers (HTML5) and designers and uses the best practices of the social web. Owni is also a R&D lab designing and developing apps, webapps, websites and platform for blogs and social networks.

Typhon is a company specialized in hosting, facilities management and third party application management. Our main clients include Radio France, Le Figaro, Rue89, Les Inrocks, Netvibes, Bouygues Telecom,